Minority Contractor Protest “Unfair Practices” of large Contractors
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New York state awards $340 million in Universal Pre-K funds
Eighty-one school districts in New York state will receive $340 million in state funds to pay for full-day Pre-Kindergarten, an announcement from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office stated.   read story

Hart’s Local Grocers opens in downtown Rochester
Hart’s Local Grocers, Rochester’s first downtown grocery store in more than a decade, opened Friday. The full-service store is located in the city’s East End, at 10 Winthrop St., and features products from more than 50 local vendors as well as national brands, store officials stated.    read story

Rochester groups protest teacher tenure lawsuit
Rochester parents, teachers and members of The Alliance for Quality Education, Metro Justice and other organizations held a press conference July 30 in protest of a lawsuit filed by former CNN anchor Campbell Brown’s group, Partnership for Educational Justice; an organization currently challenging teacher tenure in New York.    read story


Data Shows That Home Remodeling Numbers Are Up as Economy Grows Stronger
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Brand Strategist Linda Ong Says Hispanic Journalists Need to Rebrand Immigration Reform
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Why the Selfie Has a Place in Social Media Marketing
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The Violence Many Teachers Face at the Hands of Students
"Educational reform" has been a rallying cry for many organizations over the past few years. Usually, reforms target changes in standardize testing, curriculum, as well as the budgets schools receive and have to work with. One area of educational crisis that is often under-addressed, though, is the violence that teachers themselves have to face.   read story

What you can do to stop bullying in schools
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Food Bank Competition Enters Final Week
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Red Cross Issues Safety Tips for Labor Day Weekend
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Rochester City School District Superintendent challenges students to achieve 95 percent attendance
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Monroe County tests new CodeRED emergency 911 telephone notification system
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Rome City School District partners with Community Foundation and Rochester-based Hillside to increase graduation rates
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Rep. Louise Slaughter announces $11 million in anti-poverty grants for Rochester
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City announces Cool Sweep locations for Aug. 26
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Brown case should resonate with Latinos
Peaceful protesters under siege by armed officers. A minority community roiled by issues of race and social justice. Allegations of law enforcement misconduct, conspiracies and cover-ups. These circumstances could all apply to the recent unrest in Ferguson, Mo. Sadly, they go back as far as Aug. 29, 1970.   read story

Puerto Rico's Economic Crisis: Living Between Detroit and Argentina?
The current fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico is largely placed squarely on the shoulders of irresponsible political and economic actors in Puerto Rico itself. The statehooders killed the tax-incentives that kept Puerto Rico economically dependent but afloat as part of their political status strategy.    read story

Puerto Rico: Detroit of the Caribbean
Friday marks the one-year anniversary of the grim day Detroit filed a Chapter 9 petition - the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history - and the political and business leaders of New York and other big cities gave a shudder and wondered: Could it happen here?   read story

Mayday to Earth Day
Earth Day needs to be a year-long consideration rather than the one-day PR stunt it has turned into. Rather than making structural adjustments to our economic model and our personal behaviors, Earth Day seems to have become completely non-committal, resulting in feel-good activities such as picking up trash.    read story

I dare you to say the F word…Father!
According to the National Center for Fathering more than 24 million (33%) children live in a home without the physical presence of a father. Millions more have dads who are physically present, but emotionally absent.    read story

The Literary Café and Indian Passion by Javier Moro
This month, the Literary Café got together to discuss the book called Indian Passion (written in 2005), a story in novel form about an interracial marriage between the Maharaja of Kapurtala and the Spanish dancer Anita Delgado.    read story
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