RTS Says Fewer Students will transfer at Downtown Transit Center
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U of R Announces East High Principals
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Assembly passes human-trafficking bill
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Latina to Watch: Juana L. Vega
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Cuomo Announces Registration for Annual “I Love My Park Day”
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State Police to Increase Road Patrols, Sobriety Checkpoints over St. Patrick’s Day Weekend
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Assembly Supports Cuomo’s “Raise the Age” Proposal
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Cuomo says Minimum Wage Increase will have $3.4 Billion Direct Economic Value
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OSHA urges Western NY employers and workers engaged in rooftop snow removal to be aware of fall hazards and safeguards
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The White House is fresh out of ideas for delaying the Keystone XL pipeline
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Monroe County Accepting Applications for Subsidized Daycare
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East Irondequoit Approves Urban Suburban Program
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RTS May Cancel Some Morning Bus Trips
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Amerks, RBA Staffing, Rochester Business Journal to hold Career Fair
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Public E-Cigarette Use, Flavored E-Liquid Could Be Banned with Passing of NYS Budget Proposal
A new proposal to limit the use of electronic cigarettes in public spaces, such as restaurants and offices, has been included in Gov. Andrew Cuomo's $141.6 billion budget for New York State. read story

Allendale Columbia Students to Compete in National Science Bowl Finals
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“Slash and Burn Hispanic Presidential Candidates”
Texas Senator Ted Cruz has formally come out as a candidate for President. That makes him the first official major candidate to announce. He is the first former Canadian citizen to run for President of the United States.   read story

Measles is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by a virus and is spread by contact with nasal or throat secretions of infected people. Measles can lead to serious side effects and, in rare cases, death. Measles symptoms usually appear in 10 to 12 days, but can occur as late as 18 days after exposure. Symptoms generally appear in two stages.   read story

The Taíno Question: Haslip-Viera Responds to Levins Morales
In her February 21 critique of my response to her essay on "Taino Citizenship," Aurora Levins Morales invites me to identify my own investment in this discussion, beyond my persistent claims to "objective truth." Here is a point-by-point response:   read story

The 2015 Literary Café Selections
The Literary Café celebrated the holidays and got ready for the new year with Saramago's The Elephant's Journey. The novel The Elephant's Journey is based on a true story that José Saramago (11-16-1922 - 6-18-2010), learned at a restaurant in Portugal, where he saw some paintings of an Asian elephant named Solomon. This elephant traveled from India to Portugal and once in Portugal to Valladolid in the mid-sixteenth century. Archduke Maximilian of Austria's wedding was the reason for his journey. King John III of Portugal and his wife wanted to give a wedding gift that was different and worthy of drawing attention. So they decide to give an elephant brought from India and which turned out to be a nuisance.   read story

Tips for Year-Round Wellness
The holiday season can bring stress for a variety of reasons: traveling, preparing for the traditional gatherings, shopping and more. Now, after the holidays we sometimes feel the after effects of all the stress we were under during that special season. Many chemical, physical and emotional factors may take us out of balance and negatively affect the nervous system’s communication between the brain and body.    read story

¿Qué son chinches?
Los chinches son una plaga que no es fácil de eliminar. Estos insectos pequeños sin alas se alimentan con la sangre de humanos, roedores, mascotas y pájaros. Son de forma ovalada y plana y su color varía de blanco a café oscuro luego de alimentarse con sangre.    read story
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