Rochester City School District announces new campaign to improve attendance
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La Voz Congratulates Steven Farrington
This month of September was held at Writers & Books the book launch Rodrigo's Land of our friend and translator of La Voz Steven Farrington. In his presentation Farrington tells us that his novel is the result of over 15 years of arduous research in various libraries and places of Rochester NY, Dominican Republic and Spain.    read story

RocDocs Expands Restaurant Inspection Database to Include All of New York
In cities like New York, health inspection grades are right on the door, but in Rochester, it may be a little trickier to find out if your fancy dinner is going to make you sick.    read story

Mayor Warren dedicates new street named Andrew Langston Way
Mayor Lovely Warren dedicated a new street named Andrew Langston Way at the Midtown Rising redevelopment site, along with members of the Langston family and city council members, Wednesday, Sept. 24.    read story


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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3 Ways to Protect Our Farmers This Fall
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U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announces resignation
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Syracuse professor says minorities with lighter skin tend to vote Republican
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New Phone? Don’t Forget to Protect It
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Speak Up During National Bullying Prevention Month
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Alternatives for Battered Women announces release of 2014 Domestic Violence Report
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Suburban Propane partners with the American Red Cross in the first nationwide “Fuel Your Community” campaign to help save lives
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City to install pilot bicycle boulevards, will hold pop-up meetings for community feedback
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Mayor Warren and the Rochester College Access Network announce college preparation events
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Area religious leaders endorse Sen. Ted O’Brien at event hosted by Andrea Stewart-Cousins
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Mayor Warren will hold blood drive in memory of her late grandfather
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El Cafecito Literario Ha Cumplido Cuatro Años
El Cafecito Literario después de cuatro años de peregrinar literario y lectura ininterrumpida, se ha convertido en un círculo de 79 lectoras y lectores de 17 países diferentes.    read story

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is, perhaps, the most brilliant marketing phrase in the world. Something happened in Vegas (Las Vegas) on Saturday the 13th of September, it will not stay in Vegas.   read story

Will Caribbean Immigrants Finally Be Able to Self-Identify on U.S. Census Forms?
After a battle waged since 2008, the United States government may finally be prepared to recognize Caribbean immigrants and Caribbean Americans in the United States as what they are – a district identity group within the American society.   read story

Brown case should resonate with Latinos
Peaceful protesters under siege by armed officers. A minority community roiled by issues of race and social justice. Allegations of law enforcement misconduct, conspiracies and cover-ups. These circumstances could all apply to the recent unrest in Ferguson, Mo. Sadly, they go back as far as Aug. 29, 1970.   read story

Puerto Rico's Economic Crisis: Living Between Detroit and Argentina?
The current fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico is largely placed squarely on the shoulders of irresponsible political and economic actors in Puerto Rico itself. The statehooders killed the tax-incentives that kept Puerto Rico economically dependent but afloat as part of their political status strategy.    read story

Puerto Rico: Detroit of the Caribbean
Friday marks the one-year anniversary of the grim day Detroit filed a Chapter 9 petition - the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history - and the political and business leaders of New York and other big cities gave a shudder and wondered: Could it happen here?   read story
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