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Year End Daydreaming

Dr. E. Faye Williams

Happy and blessed holidays to all. I’m indeed blessed to know that you read what I write. Despite all the horrors that have happened many of you’ve been kind enough to let me know what you’re thinking. Again, I’m going to let you know what I’m thinking!

What if we talk a bit about year-end politics?  What if we take away the titles of D’s, R’s and I’s from those parties because some of them have done some scary things the past year—some scarier than others?

What if we require candidates for office to explain what they will do to resolve the problems the people they represent face daily?

If they’re running for the first time, just tell us what you’re going to do for us. Tell us about the things you’ve already done to prove to us you can do what you’re now promising us to do.

If you’ve already served in the office for which you are now running, tell us what you promised to do to help us when you ran. Tell us if you did it. If not, why not, and why should we give you another chance? Tell us what you’re planning to do to help us if you’re re-elected. Let opponents speak for themselves.

You have to admit that positive accomplishments during the past year have been slim to none in many areas and by many who want another chance. We would then ask ourselves if we want to continue electing people if they continuously fail to honor their promises.

Before they’re a part of sending our billions of dollars to other nations, do leaders even bother to approve what recipients did with the last funds and equipment we sent? When we receive grants from our government, we must show what we’re going to do with the funds, and in the end, we must prove we did it or we won’t get any more.

Our current system for what our tax dollars are donating is not working for those of us who pay taxes. When those we elect don’t do things to help us with what we hold dearly, they must stop clogging up our mail and telephones from being granted the opportunity to tell more lies. 

All candidates should have a checklist of accomplishments and no opportunity to run on just bad-mouthing and blaming opponents for what they did or didn’t do.

In the coming year, can we stop blaming everything on young people? Let’s ask ourselves what we’ve done to give them a fair chance in life—such as having adequate good quality food, a safe neighborhood, a school where they can get a good education, a chance they’ll be treated fairly by our system of justice.

Wouldn’t we have a better nation if all adults had a good job and everybody spoke respectfully to each other so young people didn’t learn from them to be dishonest, disrespectful, and worrisome?

I know what I’m hoping for in 2024 may be just a dream, but success usually begins with a dream. In a few days, most of us will find something good to do to celebrate the holidays—then go back to forgetting to be kind to each other.

In 2024, can we just try a bit harder to care about each other, to be part of the solution, and not the problem? It’s my greatest wish that those who run for office and seek our vote in 2024 will offer all of us something better than we’ve seen in 2023. 

Let’s be a positive example not only for our nation but for the world. Let us invest more in America so that we can truly say to the world, “We are who we say we are.”

Love & Blessings,


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