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Roc the Block Community Job Fairs Coming Back on June 12

The Fourth Annual Roc the Block Community Employment Fairs is back and will be held on four Wednesdays between June 12 and Sept. 25. 

“The Roc the Block Community Employment Fairs offer excellent opportunities for our residents to meet with recruiters and businesses right in our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Evans. “I am grateful to Council President Meléndez, the employers and organizations that participate in these fairs and our many community partners for supporting these events and making them so successful year after year. Connecting our residents to jobs and careers helps us create a safe, equitable and prosperous Rochester by inspiring hope and delivering opportunity for everyone.” 

“I am fighting for safer neighborhoods, quality housing and equitable access to opportunities,” said Council President Miguel Meléndez. “Food, music, and jobs! The Roc the Block Community Employment Fairs create focused opportunities for our residents to access employment services. This is about direct outreach and meeting people where they are at! A special thank you to all of the employers who participate and support our residents by providing increased access to available opportunities.” 

Roc the Block Community Employment Fairs are a neighborhood-based hiring initiative that brings businesses and recruiters to each of Rochester’s four quadrants throughout the summer. Set against the backdrop of a fun, local, block-party styled event, Rochester employers and residents can meet to discover employment and wrap-around resource opportunities. 

The events are hosted by Councilmember Miguel Meléndez, the RASE Commission and the Department of Recreation and Human Services. To become a Roc the Block Employment Community Employment Fair vendor, email Shawn.Futch@CityofRochester.Gov/

Almost 80 employers and agencies have already committed to presenting at these fairs, including ACM Global Laboratories, Rochester Regional Health and Walmart. 

This year, the ROC the Block Community Employment Fairs will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the following Wednesdays:

  • June 12, Maplewood Rose Garden, 250 Maplewood Ave.

  • July 10, Franklin High School, 950 Norton St.

  • Aug. 14, Aberdeen Square Park, 373 Aberdeen St.

  • Sept. 5, Parcel 5, 285 E. Main St.

Employers and organizations interested in participating in ROC the Block employment fairs can email RocTheBlock@CityofRochester.Gov. Those with questions about the fair can email Workforce Development Coordinator Shawn Futch at Shawn.Futch@CityofRochester.Gov.


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