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Rochester City Council Seeks a Candidate to Fill an East District Police Accountability Board (PAB)

The Rochester City Council is actively searching for an individual to fill a vacancy within the Police Accountability Board (PAB), specifically designated for the East District of Rochester.

According to the Rochester City Charter, the PAB comprises nine members, with four hailing from each of Rochester's City Council Districts. The current opening pertains to the East District, and candidates interested in this position must be residents of this specific City Council District. The East District encompasses the eastern quadrant of Rochester, and you can find a precise delineation on the official Rochester City Council District Map.

If you're a Rochester resident residing in the East City Council District and are passionate about contributing to the PAB's mission, we strongly encourage you to submit your application for the vacant seat. To initiate the application process, please forward your resume and a completed questionnaire to, as advised by the Rochester City Council.

Prospective applicants have a two-week window to submit their applications, with the application process closing on November 10, 2023. Furthermore, completed questionnaires and resumes can also be faxed to (585) 428-6327, mailed, or dropped off at City Council, Rochester City Hall, 30 Church Street – Room 301A, Rochester, NY 14614-1290.

City Council will conduct interviews with finalists, and the chosen nominee will be appointed through the enactment of legislation.

The creation of the Rochester PAB dates back to 2019 when the City Council introduced the concept, which gained widespread public support following a ballot initiative during the autumn elections. The primary aim of establishing the PAB, as per the City Council's statement, has been and continues to be the enhancement of public accountability within the Rochester Police Department. For more detailed information about the PAB, please visit

To access the PAB applicant questionnaire and to find additional details about the PAB position, kindly visit


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