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RCSD Starts 2024-25 School Choice Program and Shares Tips for Parents 

The Rochester City School District (RCSD) announced on Dec. 11, 2023 that it commenced its 2024-25 School Choice Process (SCP) on Dec. 8, 2023 for students entering kindergarten, 7th, or 9th grade in the 2024 – 25 school year.

According to the district, the SCP application process is completely online, and families must have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account to participate, and families can apply to attend a school in their zone in addition to several citywide offerings.

RCSD explains the School Choice Process as follows:

The School Choice process can be explained in three easy steps.

  1. Learn about school options and school zones: School profiles on the District’s website are a great place for families to learn about the many unique school offerings.  Families registering for elementary schools need to know which zone they live in, as they can only apply for a school within their zone or a citywide offering.  Citywide schools are open to families regardless of zone boundaries.  The online digital magazine is a great resource for families to learn about all the exciting middle and high school offerings, including information about new middle schools. 

  1. Rank school selections: Families are encouraged to talk to their children and rank each school based on their interests and each school’s unique features. 


  1. Apply: The School Choice application deadline is Friday, January 19, 2024

This district says it is offering support to families who need assistance with the online process.  Families can call RCSD’s Office of Student Equity and Placement at (585) 262-8241.  Families who do not participate will be placed in a school closest to their home, where space is available after the selection process is complete. 

More information on the School Choice Process is available at


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